silly (adj.) Old form(s): seelie , sillie
helpless, defenceless, vulnerable
2H6 I.i.223[York alone, of pirates' plunder] the silly owner of the goods / Weeps over them
3H6 I.i.243[Queen to King, of herself] which am a silly woman
3H6 II.v.43[King alone] shepherds looking on their silly sheep
E3 I.i.137[King Edward as if to King David] Hast thou none to grieve / But silly ladies with thy threat'ning arms?
E3 II.i.18[Lodowick alone, of the Countess] If she looked pale, 'twas silly woman's fear
E3 IV.ii.29[King Edward to poor Frenchmen] Poor silly men, much wronged
Luc.167[of wolves] Now serves the season that they may surprise / The silly lambs [or: simple]
Luc.1812[of Brutus] He with the Romans was esteemed so / As silly jeering idiots are with kings
R2 V.v.25[Richard alone] like silly beggars / Who, sitting in the stocks, refuge their shame [F]
TG IV.i.72[Valentine to Outlaws] Provided that you do no outrages / On silly women
Ven.1098[of Adonis] If he had spoke, the wolf would leave his prey, / And never fright the silly lamb that day

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