apace (adv.)
quickly, speedily, at a great rate
1H4 V.ii.89[Second Messenger to Hotspur] the King comes on apace
AC I.iii.50[Antony to Cleopatra] The condemned Pompey ... creeps apace / Into the hearts of such as have not thrived / Upon the present state
AC IV.vii.6.2[Antony to Scarus] Thou bleed'st apace.
AC IV.xiv.41[Antony to Eros, who is helping him remove his armour] Apace, Eros, apace!
AC V.ii.321[Cleopatra to an asp] O, come apace, dispatch
AW IV.iii.30[First Lord to Second Lord, of the midnight hour] That approaches apace
AYL III.ii.192[Rosalind to Celia, of who is writing the verses] tell me who is it quickly, and speak apace
AYL III.iii.1[Touchstone to Audrey] Come apace
E3 III.i.37[King John to Lorraine, of France's allies] are marching hither apace
H5 IV.viii.3[Fluellen to Gower] I beseech you now, come apace to the King
JC V.iii.87[Titinius alone] Brutus, come apace, / And see how I regarded Caius Cassius
KJ V.ii.65[Lewis the Dauphin to all] Look where the holy legate comes apace
KL III.vii.96[Cornwall to Regan] I bleed apace
KL IV.vii.93[Kent to Gentleman] The powers of the kingdom approach apace
Mac III.iii.6[First Murderer to all] Now spurs the lated traveller apace / To gain the timely inn
MM III.ii.107[disguised Duke to Lucio] You are pleasant, sir, and speak apace
MND I.i.2[Theseus to Hippolyta] our nuptial hour / Draws on apace
R3 II.iv.13[York to Duchess of York, quoting Gloucester] Small herbs have grace; great weeds do grow apace
RJ II.iv.211[Nurse to Peter] Before, and apace
RJ III.ii.1[Juliet to herself] Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds, / Towards Phoebus' lodging!
Tem V.i.64[Prospero to himself] The charm dissolves apace
Tim II.ii.153[Flavius to Timon] The future comes apace
TS II.i.315[Petruchio to all] Sunday comes apace
TS IV.iii.52[Petruchio to Katherina] eat apace
Ven.813[of Adonis] he ... homeward through the dark laund runs apace
WT II.i.16[First Lady to Mamillius] The Queen, your mother, rounds apace