saw (n.) Old form(s): Sawes
wise saying, platitude, maxim
2H6 I.iii.56[Queen to Suffolk, of the King] His weapons [are] holy saws of sacred writ
AYL II.vii.157[Jaques to all] the justice ... / Full of wise saws and modern instances
AYL III.v.81[Phebe to herself] now I find thy saw of might [i.e. powerfully true]
Ham I.v.100[Hamlet alone] I'll wipe away ... / All saws of books
KL II.ii.158[disguised Kent alone] Good King, that must approve the common saw
LLL V.ii.911[Hiems singing, of winter] coughing drowns the parson's saw
Luc.244[Tarquin to himself] Who fears a sentence or an old man's saw / Shall by a painted cloth be kept in awe
TN III.iv.369[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew and Fabian] We'll whisper o'er a couplet or two of most sage saws

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