seal (v.) Old form(s): seal'd , seale , seales
confirm, ratify, approve
1H6[Talbot to John Talbot] thou art sealed the son of chivalry
3H6 III.ii.57[Richard aside to George, of Lady Grey] The match is made; she seals it with a curtsey
3H6 IV.viii.29[Oxford to King] I seal my truth and bid adieu
Cor II.iii.107[Coriolanus to Fourth Citizen, of Coriolanus' wounds] I will not seal your knowledge with showing them
Cor III.i.142[Coriolanus to Brutus] What may be sworn by, ... / Seal what I end withal!
Cym III.vii.57[Innogen to herself, of great men] had the virtue / Which their own conscience sealed them [i.e. confirmed in them]
H8 II.i.105[Buckingham to Vaux, of his truth and loyalty] I now seal it, / And with that blood
Ham I.ii.60[Polonius to Claudius, of Laertes] Upon his will I sealed my hard consent
Ham IV.vii.1[Claudius to Laertes] Now must your conscience my acquittance seal
TNK V.iii.15[Theseus to Pirithous] the belief / Both sealed with eye and ear [i.e. the senses will confirm it]