serve (v.) Old form(s): serue , serued , serues , serv'd
be of use, render service, be an advantage [to]
1H6 II.iii.79[Talbot to Countess] soldiers' stomachs always serve them well
2H6 III.i.119[Cardinal to Gloucester, of Gloucester's words] It serves you well, my lord, to say so much
Cym IV.i.3[Cloten alone, of Posthumus] How fit his garments serve me!
Ham III.iii.46[Claudius alone] Whereto serves mercy / But to confront the visage of offence? [i.e. what is the use of mercy?]
Ham III.iv.77[Hamlet to Gertrude] some quantity of choice / To serve in such a difference
TG IV.iv.159[disguised Julia to Silvia, of her own gown] Which served me as fit ... / As if the garment had been made for me
TNK V.iv.73[Pirithous to Palamon, of Arcite's horse] When naught served ... / On end he stands

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