signify (v.) Old form(s): signifie
report, make known, declare
2H6 III.i.283[Post to all] from Ireland am I come amain, / To signify that rebels there are up
2H6 III.ii.368[Vaux to Queen] To signify unto his majesty / That Cardinal Beaufort is at point of death
Ham III.ii.314[Hamlet to Guildenstern] signify this to the doctor
Ham V.ii.102[Osrick to Hamlet] his majesty bade me signify to you
LLL II.i.33[Princess to Boyet, of her request to see the King] signify so much
MV II.iv.11[Launcelot to Lorenzo, of a letter] An it shall please you to break up this, it shall seem to signify
MV V.i.118.1[Lorenzo to Portia, of Bassanio and Gratiano] there is come a messenger before / To signify their coming
MV V.i.51[Lorenzo to Stephano] signify, I pray you, / Within the house, your mistress is at hand
RJ III.iii.170[Friar to Romeo, of Romeo's servant] he shall signify from time to time / Every good hap to you that chances here
TC IV.v.155[Hector to Aeneas] signify this loving interview / To the expecters of our Trojan part
Tim I.ii.118[Servant to Timon, of a messenger from the ladies] which bears that office to signify their pleasures
Tim III.iv.39[Titus to Flaminius, of Timon] We attend his lordship. Pray signify so much
Tit II.iii.32[Aaron to Tamora] What signifies my deadly-standing eye