sort (n.)
class, level, social rank
1H6 II.v.123[Richard alone, of Mortimer] Choked with ambition of the meaner sort
3H6 V.v.87[Edward to George] discharge the common sort / With pay and thanks [i.e. the ordinary soldiers]
AYL I.i.156[Oliver alone, of Orlando] of all sorts enchantingly beloved
H5 I.ii.190[Canterbury to all, of honey-bees] They have a king, and officers of sorts
H5 IV.vii.133[King Henry to Fluellen, of Williams] It may be his enemy is a gentleman of great sort
H5 IV.viii.74[King Henry to Exeter] What prisoners of good sort are taken
H5 V.chorus.25[Chorus] The Mayor and all his brethren in best sort [i.e. of the highest rank]
JC I.i.57[Flavius to the people] Assemble all the poor men of your sort
MA I.i.31[Messenger to Beatrice, of someone called Mountanto] there was none such in the army of any sort
MA I.i.7[Messenger to Leonato, of those lost in the battle] But few of any sort, and none of name [or: sense 4]
MM IV.iv.15[Angelo to Escalus, of the Duke] Give notice to such men of sort and suit / As are to meet him
MND III.ii.159[Helena to Lysander and Demetrius] None of noble sort / Would so offend a virgin
MND III.ii.388[Oberon to Puck] we are spirits of another sort
Per IV.ii.34[Bawd to Pander] other sorts offend as well as we
Tit I.i.233[Marcus to all, of creating Saturninus emperor] With voices and applause of every sort
TNK II.iv.19.1[Hippolyta to Pirithous, of Arcite] I have not seen so young a man so noble ... of his sort