state (n.)
government, ruling body, administration
2H4 V.ii.142[King Henry V to all] Our coronation done, we will accite ... all our state
AC I.iv.41[Caesar to Lepidus] It hath been taught us from the primal state / That he which is was wished until he were [i.e. the man who wants power is supported until he gets it]
Cor IV.iii.10[Volsce to Roman] I have a note from the Volscian state to find you out there
H8 I.i.101[Norfolk to Buckingham, of Wolsey] The state takes notice of the private difference / Betwixt you and the Cardinal
Ham I.i.101[Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus, of Denmark's view of young Fortinbras' actions] As it doth well appear unto our state
JC I.ii.159[Cassius to Brutus, of Junius Brutus] would have brooked / Th'eternal devil to keep his state in Rome
KJ IV.ii.243[King John to Hubert] My nobles leave me, and my state is braved
KJ IV.ii.8[Pembroke to King John] Fresh expectation troubled not the land / With any longed-for change or better state [also: condition]
KL I.i.50[Lear to his daughters] we will divest us both of ... cares of state
KL I.ii.145[Edmund to Edgar, of a writer] the effects he writes of succeed unhappily, as of ... divisions in state
KL V.i.22[Albany to Edmund] the King is come ... / With others whom the rigour of our state / Forced to cry out
TC I.iii.100[Ulysses to all, of planetary disorders] rend and deracinate / The unity and married calm of states [or: rulers]
TC III.iii.196[Ulysses to Achilles] The providence that's in a watchful state / Knows almost every grain of Pluto's gold
Tem I.ii.70[Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio] I ... to him put / The manage of my state
Tem I.ii.76[Prospero to Miranda] The government I cast upon my brother, / And to my state grew stranger

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