stay on / upon (v.) Old form(s): staies vpon , stayes vpon , vpon , vppon
wait for, await
AC I.ii.116.1[Second Attendant to Antony, of the messenger from Sicyon] He stays upon your will
CE V.i.20[Angelo to Antipholus of Syracuse, of the merchant] Who, but for staying on our controversy, / Had hoisted sail
Cor V.iv.7[Menenius to Sicinius] our throats are sentenced and stay upon execution
Ham III.ii.116[Rosencrantz to Hamlet, of the Players] They stay upon your patience
Mac I.iii.148[Banquo to Macbeth] we stay upon your leisure
MM IV.i.46[Isabella to disguised Duke] I have a servant ... / That stays upon me

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