stay (v.) Old form(s): Staid , staie , staied , staies , stayes
detain, confine, keep
AYL I.i.7[Orlando to Adam, of Oliver] he ... stays me here at home unkept
H8 I.i.5[Buckingham to Norfolk] An untimely ague / Stayed me a prisoner in my chamber
JC II.ii.75[Caesar to Decius] Calphurnia here, my wife, stays me at home
Luc.917[Lucrece as if to opportunity] My Collatine would else have come to me / When Tarquin did, but he was stayed by thee
MA III.iii.74[Dogberry to Second Watchman] if you meet the Prince in the night, you may stay him
MA IV.i.279[Beatrice to Benedick] You have stayed me in a happy hour
RJ V.iii.187[First Watchman to Third Watchman] Stay the Friar too
Tit II.iii.181[Demetrius to Lavinia] Away, for thou hast stayed us here too long
TS IV.ii.83[Tranio as Lucentio to Pedant] Your ships are stayed at Venice
TS IV.iv.30[Pedant as Vincentio to Baptista, of Tranio as Lucentio] to stay him not too long, / I am content ... / To have him matched [i.e. so as not to keep him waiting for too long]
WT IV.iv.568[Camillo to Florizel] your anchors, who / Do their best office if they can but stay you / Where you'll be loath to be

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