stay (v.) Old form(s): staid, staies , stayes
wait (for), await
CE III.i.36[Dromio of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] My master stays in the street
H8 I.iii.63[Lord Chamberlain to Sands] My barge stays
Ham III.iii.95[Hamlet to himself] My mother stays
JC V.i.106[Brutus to Cassius] arming myself with patience / To stay the providence of some high powers / That govern us below
KJ II.i.58[Chatillon to King Philip, of strong winds] Whose leisure I have stayed
LLL II.i.128[Berowne to Rosaline] I cannot stay thanksgiving
LLL IV.ii.140[Holofernes to Jaquenetta] Stay not thy compliment
Mac IV.iii.142[Doctor to Malcolm, of the English king] There are a crew of wretched souls / That stay his cure
MND II.i.235[Demetrius to Helena] I will not stay thy questions
MV II.viii.40[Salerio to Solanio, quoting Antonio to Bassanio] stay the very riping of the time
MV IV.i.107.2[Salerio to Duke] here stays without / A messenger
MW I.i.280[Page to Slender] We stay for you
R2 II.i.289[Northumberland to Ross and Willoughby, of the fleet] they stay / The first departing of the King for Ireland
Sonn.151.8[] flesh stays no farther reason
Sonn.58.4[] ... Being your vassal bound to stay your leisure
TC I.i.27[Pandarus to Troilus] you must stay the cooling too
TC V.ii.187[Aeneas to Troilus] Ajax, your guard, stays to conduct you home
Tem I.ii.36.1[Miranda to Prospero] Stay: not yet
Tim I.i.183[Apemantus to Timon] Till I be gentle, stay thou for thy good morrow
Tit IV.iii.42[Publius to Titus] perforce you must needs stay a time
TNK V.iii.6[Emilia to Pirithous] I will stay here
TS III.ii.216[Katherina to Baptista, of Petruchio] he shall stay my leisure
TS IV.iii.59[Petruchio to Katherina] The tailor stays thy leisure