still (adj.)
quiet, calm, subdued
AC I.ii.111[Antony to Messenger] we bring forth weeds / When our quick minds lie still
AC[Enobarbus to Menas] Octavia is of a holy, cold, and still conversation
AC IV.xi.1[Caesar to all] But being charged, we will be still by land [i.e. inactive unless attacked]
AYL V.iv.105.2[stage direction] Still music
Cym V.iv.69[Second Brother, to music] from stiller seats we came
H8 III.ii.380[Wolsey to Cromwell] I feel within me ... / A still and quiet conscience
H8 prologue.11[Speaker to and of the audience] if they be still, and willing,
Ham I.ii.257[Hamlet alone] Would the night were come! / Till then sit still, my soul
LLL I.i.14[King to all, of their court] Still and contemplative in living art
MW IV.ii.101[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford] 'Tis old but true: 'Still swine eats all the draff.'
TNK V.i.137.1[stage direction] Still music of records