sunder (v.) Old form(s): sundred
separate, split up, part
2H6 III.ii.411[Suffolk to Queen] Even as a splitted bark so sunder we
3H6 III.ii.138[Richard alone, of someone seeing a far-off shore] one that ... chides the sea that sunders him from thence
3H6 IV.i.23[Richard to Edward, of Edward and Lady Grey] 'twere pity / To sunder them that yoke so well together
AW II.v.86[Helena to Bertram] Strangers and foes do sunder and not kiss
AYL I.iii.96[Celia to Rosalind] Shall we be sundered?
MND V.i.131[Quince to all, of Snout] that vile wall which did these lovers sunder
MV III.ii.120[Bassanio to all, of Portia's portrait] Here are severed lips / Parted with sugar breath; so sweet a bar / Should sunder such sweet friends
TNK V.iv.100[Theseus to Palamon] e'en very here / I sundered you

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