stead (v.) Old form(s): sted , steed , steeded , steeds
help, assist, benefit
AW III.vii.41[Widow to Helena, of Bertram] It nothing steads us / To chide him from our eaves
AW V.iii.87.1[King to Bertram, of Helena] Had you that craft to reave her / Of what should stead her most?
MM I.iv.17[Lucio to Isabella] Can you so stead me / As bring me to the sight of Isabella
MV I.iii.7[Bassanio to Shylock, of his request for a loan] May you stead me?
Oth I.iii.335[Iago to Roderigo] I could never better stead thee than now
Per Chorus.III.21[Gower alone, of searching for Pericles] all due diligence / That ... / Can stead the quest
Per Chorus.IV.41[Gower alone, of Dionyza] The sooner her vile thoughts to stead
RJ II.iii.50[Romeo to Friar, of Juliet] My intercession likewise steads my foe
Tem I.ii.165[Prospero to Miranda] necessaries / Which since have steaded much
TG II.i.107[Valentine to Silvia] so it stead you, I will write
TNK I.i.36[Emilia to Third Queen] What woman I may stead that is distressed / Does bind me to her
TS I.ii.263[Tranio as Lucentio to Petruchio] you are the man / Must stead us all

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