suffer (v.) Old form(s): sufferd , suffer'd , suffer'st , suffring
allow, permit, let
1H4 IV.iii.93[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] suffered his kinsman March ... to be engaged in Wales
1H6 I.v.9[Talbot as if to the heavens, of Pucelle] can you suffer hell so to prevail?
1H6 III.i.97[Third Servingman to Gloucester, of the King] ere that we will suffer such a prince ... / To be disgraced
1H6 V.iv.127[Winchester to the French] And suffer you to breathe in fruitful peace
2H4 II.iii.57[Lady Percy to Northumberland, of Percy being left to fight alone] He was so suffered
2H4 II.iv.339[Falstaff to Hostess] there is another indictment upon thee, for suffering flesh to be eaten in thy house
3H6 I.i.59[Westmorland to all, of York sitting on the King's throne] Shall we suffer this?
CE V.i.157[Adriana to Duke, of Antipholus of Ephesus] the Abbess ... will not suffer us to fetch him out
Cym I.ii.101[Pisanio to Innogen, of Posthumus] he would not suffer me / To bring him to the haven
Cym IV.ii.143[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus, of Cloten and the court] is't not probable / To come alone, either he so undertaking, / Or they so suffering
Cym V.iv.63[Sicilius, to music, as if to the gods, of Posthumus] Why did you suffer Iachimo ... / To taint his nobler heart
KJ II.i.559[King John to King Philip, of the marriage] Go we as well as haste will suffer us / To this unlooked-for, unprepared pomp
KL IV.ii.44[Albany to Gonerill, of Lear's treatment] Could my good brother suffer you to do it?
MV V.i.213[Bassanio to Portia, of denying Portia as Balthasar her ring] And suffered him to go displeased away
R2 I.ii.30[Duchess of Gloucester to John of Gaunt] In suffering thus thy brother to be slaughtered
R2 III.iv.48[Gardener to First Man, of King Richard] He that hath suffered this disordered spring
R3 IV.i.16[Brakenbury to Queen Elizabeth, of the Princes] By your patience, / I may not suffer you to visit them
RJ II.iv.152[Nurse to Peter] And thou must stand by too, and suffer every knave to use me at his pleasure!
Sonn.42.8[] for my sake even so doth she abuse me, / Suff'ring my friend for my sake to approve her
TC II.iii.184[Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Achilles] the proud lord, / That ... never suffers matter of the world / Enter his thoughts
TC IV.ii.30[Cressida to Pandarus] you'll ne'er be good, / Nor suffer others
Tem III.i.62[Ferdinand to Miranda] to suffer / The flesh-fly blow my mouth
TG I.iii.5[Panthino to Antonio, of Proteus] your lordship / Would suffer him to spend his youth at home
Tit I.i.90[Titus to all, of himself] Why suffer'st thou thy sons unburied yet / To hover on the dreadful shore of Styx?
Tit II.i.124[Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron, of Tamora's advice] That will not suffer you to square yourselves
Tit IV.iv.83[Tamora to Saturninus] The eagle suffers little birds to sing
TNK I.i.55[Theseus to First Queen] I ... suffered / Your knees to wrong themselves
Ven.388[Venus to Adonis] Affection is a coal that must be cooled; / Else, suffered, it will set the heart on fire [i.e. left to burn]

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