suitor (n.) Old form(s): suters , Sutor , Sutors
petitioner, supplicant, entreater
3H6 III.i.19[King to himself] No humble suitors [will] press to speak for right
AW V.iii.151[King to Attendants] Seek these suitors
Cor I.i.58[First Citizen to Menenius] They say poor suitors have strong breaths
Cor V.iii.78.1[Volumnia to Coriolanus, of Young Martius] Even he, your wife, this lady, and myself / Are suitors to you
H8 I.ii.9[Queen Katherine to King Henry] I am a suitor
JC II.iii.11[Artemidorus alone, of his letter to Caesar] as a suitor I will give him this
JC II.iv.15[Portia to Lucius] take good note / What Caesar doth, what suitors press to him
JC II.iv.35[Soothsayer to Portia] The throng ... / Of senators, of praetors, common suitors
R3 I.iii.64[Queen Elizabeth to Richard, of King Edward] not provoked by any suitor else
TNK III.i.114[Arcite to Palamon] I am a suitor / That to your sword you will bequeath this plea [i.e. I beg]