stand (v.)
continue, remain, wait, stay put
1H6 I.iii.11[Gloucester to First Warder] whose will stands but mine? [i.e. only my command prevails here]
3H6 I.i.117[Montague to Richard] Let's fight it out and not stand cavilling thus
3H6 II.iii.25[Warwick to all] Why stand we like soft-hearted women here
Cor III.ii.51.1[Volumnia to Coriolanus, of policy] it shall hold companionship in peace / With honour as in war, since that to both / It stands in like request [i.e. a combination of honour and policy is equally needed]
Cor IV.v.26[Coriolanus to Third Servingman] Let me but stand
E3 IV.ii.83[Captain to King Edward] Had we not been persuaded ... / We had not stood upon defiance so
H8 II.ii.50[Suffolk to Norfolk, of Wolsey] As I am made without him, so I'll stand
H8 V.i.127[King Henry to Cranmer] Know you not / How your state stands i'th' world
JC V.i.93[Cassius to Brutus] The gods today stand friendly [i.e. may they remain friendly]
KJ III.i.89[Constance to King Philip, of the marriage day being recognized in the calendar] if it must stand still, let wives with child / Pray that their burdens may not fall this day
KL I.ii.3[Edmund alone] Wherefore should I / Stand in the plague of custom
KL[Gloucester to disguised Kent, of Lear] his life, / With thine ... / Stand in assured loss
KL[disguised Kent to Lear, of Lear's shattered nerves] Which, if convenience will not allow, / Stand in hard cure
KL[Gentleman to disguised Edgar, of the French army] The main descry / Stands on the hourly thought [i.e. is expected from hour to hour]
Mac III.i.4[Banquo alone, as if to Macbeth, of his becoming king] It should not stand in thy posterity
Mac III.iii.4.2[First Murderer to Third Murderer] Then stand with us
MM III.ii.252[disguised Duke alone] Grace to stand, and virtue go
MW III.ii.56[Page to Slender, of his intentions towards Anne] I stand wholly for you
MW V.v.223[Ford to all] Stand not amazed
RJ V.iii.10[Page to himself] I am almost afraid to stand alone / Here in the churchyard
TNK III.ii.20[Gaoler's Daughter alone] How stand I then? [i.e. how does that leave me?]
TNK[Emilia to Theseus] If such vows / Stand for express will [i.e. represent your final decision]
TNK[Theseus to all, of his judgement about Palamon and Arcite] it stands, / Or both shall die
TS IV.iii.44.2[Katherina to Petruchio, of the food he has brought] I pray you, let it stand