service (n.) Old form(s): seruice, seruices
action, performance
AW[Second Lord to Parolles, of the engagement] That was not to be blamed in the command of the service
AW[Parolles to Bertram] the merit of service is seldom attributed to the true and exact performer
AW IV.v.26[Clown to Lafew] I would cozen the man of his wife and do his service
Cym IV.i.12[Cloten alone, of himself compared to Posthumus] alike conversant in general services [i.e. of a military kind]
H5[Fluellen to Gower] there is very excellent services committed at the bridge
H5[Gower to Fluellen, of men like Pistol] they will learn you by rote where services were done
Ham I.iii.13[Laertes to Ophelia] but as this temple waxes / The inward service of the mind and soul / Grows wide withal
TNK V.iii.32.1[Theseus to Emilia] You ... must needs be by / To give the service pay [i.e. to reward the labour of the winner]

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