spend (v.)
expend, express, give vent to
1H6 I.ii.16[Reignier to all, of Salisbury] he may well in fretting spend his gall
1H6 II.v.38[Mortimer to Gaoler, of Richard] Direct mine arms I may embrace his neck / And in his bosom spend my latter gasp
2H6 V.i.27[York to himself] On sheep or oxen could I spend my fury
3H6 V.v.57[Queen to all, of the dead Prince] men ne'er spend their fury on a child
Cor II.i.50[Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius] I ... spend my malice in my breath
Cym II.i.5[Cloten to Lords, of one who criticised him for swearing] as if I borrowed mine oaths of him, and might not spend them at my pleasure
MND III.ii.74[Demetrius to Hermia] You spend your passion on a misprised mood
Oth I.ii.48[Othello to Cassio] I will but spend a word here in the house
Sonn.149.7if thou lower'st on me do I not spend / Revenge upon myself with present moan?
Tim I.ii.134[Apemantus to himself] We ... spend our flatteries to drink those men / Upon whose age we void it up again

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