sort (v.)
choose, find, arrange
1H6 II.iii.26[Talbot to Countess] I'll sort some other time to visit you
3H6[Richard alone, of George] I will sort a pitchy day for thee
Luc.899[Lucrece as if to opportunity] When wilt thou sort an hour great strifes to end
MV V.i.132[Portia to Bassanio] God sort all!
R3 II.ii.148[Buckingham to Richard] I'll sort occasion ... / To part the Queen's proud kindred from the Prince
R3 II.iii.36[Third Citizen to other Citizens] All may be well; but if God sort it so, / 'Tis more than we deserve
TG III.ii.92[Thurio to Proteus] Let us ... sort some gentlemen well- skilled in music

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