set on (v.)
encourage, urge, incite
1H6 IV.iv.29[Somerset to Lucy, of Talbot] York set him on
1H6 IV.iv.8[Somerset to Captain, of Talbot] York set him on to fight and die in shame
2H4 II.i.151[Falstaff to Hostess, of her lawsuit] I know thou wast set on to this
Cor III.i.37.1[Coriolanus to Brutus and Sicinius, of the citizens] Have you not set them on?
Cym[Queen to Pisanio] I ... / That set thee on to this desert
MA V.i.234[Don Pedro to Borachio, of the plot] did my brother set thee on to this?
MM V.i.112[Duke to Isabella] Someone hath set you on
MM V.i.132[Duke to all, of Friar Lodowick and Isabella] to set on this wretched woman here / Against our substitute!
MM V.i.236[Angelo to Duke, of Isabella and Mariana] are no more / But instruments of some more mightier member / That sets them on
MM V.i.286[Escalus to disguised Duke, of Isabella and Mariana] did you set these women on to slander Lord Angelo
MND III.ii.231[Helena to Hermia] wherefore doth Lysander ... tender me forsooth affection, / But by your setting on
Tem IV.i.255.3[stage direction, of the spirits as dogs] Prospero and Ariel setting them on

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