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beget (v.), past form begot
give birth to, father, conceive
AYL I.i.55[Orlando to Oliver, of his father] such a father begot villains
Cym V.iv.201[First Gaoler alone] Unless a man would marry a gallows, and beget young gibbets
H5 III.i.23[King Henry to all] attest / That those whom you called fathers did beget you!
KJ I.i.274[Bastard to Lady Faulconbridge, of his parentage] when Richard me begot
KJ I.i.75[Bastard to King John, of himself and Robert] whe'er I be as true begot or no
KJ II.i.130[Constance to Queen Eleanor, of Arthur] His father never was so true begot
KJ II.i.461[Bastard to himself, of Hubert] What cannoneer begot this lusty blood?
KL I.i.96[Cordelia to Lear] You have begot me
TG III.i.287[Launce to Speed] who begot thee?
Tit V.i.32[Second Goth to Lucius, reporting Aaron's words to the baby] where the bull and cow are both milk-white, / They never do beget a coal-black calf
Tit V.i.87[Aaron to Lucius, of the baby] I begot him on the Empress