substitute (n.)
subordinate, deputy, underling
1H6 V.iii.5[Pucelle to spirits] You speedy helpers that are substitutes
2H4 IV.ii.28[Prince John to Archbishop] You have taken up, / Under the counterfeited zeal of God, / The subjects of His substitute, my father
2H4 IV.iv.6[King Henry IV to all] Our substitutes in absence [are] well invested
MM III.i.189[disguised Duke to Isabella, of Angelo] How will you do to content this substitute
MM IV.ii.178[Provost to disguised Duke, responding to 'Were you sworn to the Duke or to his deputy?'] To him, and to his substitutes
MM V.i.133[Duke to all, of Friar Lodowick, Isabella, and Angelo] This' a good friar, belike, / And to set on this wretched woman here / Against our substitute!
MM V.i.140[Friar Peter to Duke] hath this woman / Most wrongfully accused your substitute
MV V.i.94[Portia to Nerissa] A substitute shines brightly as a king / Until a king be by
Oth I.iii.221[Duke to Othello, of Cyprus] we have there a substitute of most allowed sufficiency
R3 III.vii.180[Buckingham to Richard, of King Edward] by substitute betrothed / To Bona