set on (v.)
go forward, advance, proceed
1H4 V.ii.96[Hotspur to all] Now, Esperance! Percy! and set on!
2H4 I.iii.109[Mowbray to all] Shall we go draw our numbers and set on?
Cor III.i.58[Cominius to all] Set on
Cym V.v.485[Cymbeline to all] Set on there!
H5 V.chorus.14[Chorus, of King Henry] solemnly see him set on to London
H8 II.iv.241[King Henry to all] Break up the court; / I say, set on
JC I.ii.11[Caesar to Antony] Set on, and leave no ceremony out
JC II.i.331.2[Ligarius to Brutus] Set on your foot
JC IV.iii.303[Brutus to Varro and Claudius, of Cassius] Bid him set on his powers betimes before
JC V.ii.3[Brutus to Messala, of his other legions] Let them set on at once
JC V.iii.108[Brutus to Labeo and Flavius] set our battles on
MM III.i.64.1[Isabella to Claudio] Tomorrow you set on

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