spleen (n.) Old form(s): spleene, spleenes
irritability, malice, bad temper
1H4 II.iii.81[Lady Percy to Hotspur] A weasel hath not such a deal of spleen / As you are tossed with
1H4 III.ii.125[King Henry to Prince Hal] Thou that art like enough, through ... the start of spleen, / To fight against me
H8 I.ii.174[Queen Katherine to Surveyor] Take good heed / You charge not in your spleen a noble person
H8 II.iv.110[Queen Katherine to Wolsey] your heart / Is crammed with arrogancy, spleen, and pride
H8 II.iv.89[Wolsey to Queen Katherine] I have no spleen against you
JC IV.iii.47[Brutus to Cassius] You shall disgest the venom of your spleen, / Though it do split you
KJ II.i.68[Chatillon to King Philip, of English soldiers] With ladies' faces and fierce dragons' spleens
KJ IV.iii.97[Bastard to Salisbury] If thou but ... teach thy hasty spleen to do me shame, / I'll strike thee dead
KL I.iv.279[Lear to goddess Nature, of Gonerill] If she must teem, / Create her child of spleen
R3 II.iv.64[Duchess of York to all] O preposterous / And frantic outrage, end thy damned spleen
RJ III.i.157[Benvolio to Prince, of Romeo's peacemaking] Could not take truce with the unruly spleen / Of Tybalt deaf to peace
TC II.ii.197[Troilus to Hector] the performance of our heaving spleens

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