still (adv.) Old form(s): stil
ever, now [as before]
1H4 I.iii.272[Northumberland to Hotspur, of his further outburst] Before the game is afoot thou still lettest slip
1H4 II.iv.129[Falstaff to all] A plague of all cowards, I say still
1H4 III.iii.171[Falstaff to Hostess] thou seest I am pacified still
2H4 V.ii.103[King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice] still bear the balance and the sword
2H6 V.ii.70[Richard alone] Sword, hold thy temper; heart, be wrathful still
3H6 II.ii.160[Edward to Queen] Hadst thou been meek, our title still had slept
3H6 III.iii.144[Lewis to Queen, responding to ‘Before thy coming Lewis was Henry's friend’] And still is friend to him and Margaret
3H6 III.iii.15[Lewis to Queen, of her sorrow] Whate'er it be, be thou still like thyself, / And sit thee by our side
3H6 V.i.28[warwick to Edward] wilt thou ... / Call Warwick patron, and be penitent? / And thou shalt still remain the Duke of York
3H6 V.iv.6[Queen to all] Yet lives our pilot still
AW II.iv.17[Parolles to Helena] You had my prayers to lead them on, and to keep them on have them still
AW IV.v.44[Lafew to Clown, of a purse] I give thee not this to suggest thee from thy master thou talkest of; serve him still
Cor I.v.4.1[stage direction] Alarum continues still afar off
Cym I.v.62[Posthumus to Iachimo, of Innogen] She holds her virtue still, and I my mind
Cym II.iii.89.2[Cloten to Innogen] Still I swear I love you
Cym III.iv.14[Innogen to Pisanio, of a letter] A look untender? If't be summer news, / Smile to't before: if winterly, thou need'st / But keep that count'nance still
E3 III.iv.117[King Edward to Prince Edward, of the French] thou and Audley shall pursue them still
E3 III.iv.62[King Edward to all, of Prince Edward] Let Edward be delivered by our hands, / And still in danger he'll expect the like [whenever he is in danger]
E3 V.i.144[Salisbury to all, of Prince Edward fighting the French] in the midst ... / Stood famous Edward, still expecting when / Those dogs of France would fasten on his flesh
H5 III.chorus.34[Chorus to audience] Still be kind, / And eke out our performance with your mind
H8 I.i.31[Norfolk to Buckingham] The two Kings, / Equal in lustre, were now best, now worst, / As presence did present them: him in eye / Still him in praise
H8 III.ii.132[King Henry to the lords, of Wolsey] If we did think / His contemplation were above the earth / And fixed on spiritual object, he should still / Dwell in his musings
JC I.iii.100[stage direction] Thunder still
JC III.i.145[Cassius to Brutus] my misgiving still / Falls shrewdly to the purpose
JC V.v.30.1[stage direction] Alarum still
KJ IV.i.102[Arthur to Hubert] O, spare mine eyes, / Though to no use but still to look on you!
KL I.iii.18[Gonerill to Oswald, of Lear] Idle old man, / That still would manage those authorities / That he hath given away!
KL I.iv.246[Gonerill to Lear] Be then desired ... / A little to disquantity your train, / And the remainders that shall still depend / to be such men as may besort your age
KL II.iv.1.1[stage direction] Kent still in the stocks
KL III.i.1.1[stage direction] Storm still
KL III.iv.3[stage direction] Storm still
LLL V.ii.301[Rosaline to Princess] Let's mock them still, as well known as disguised.
Mac II.i.35[Macbeth alone, of a dagger] I have thee not and yet I see thee still!
MM I.ii.108[Pompey to Mistress Overdone] I'll be your tapster still
MM V.i.381[Duke to Isabella] As I was then / Advertising and holy to your business, / Not changing heart with habit, I am still / Attorneyed at your service
MV III.iv.47[Portia to Balthasar] As I have ever found thee honest-true, / So let me find thee still
MV IV.i.118[Antonio to Bassanio] You cannot better be employed, Bassanio, / Than to live still, and write mine epitaph
MW III.iv.67[Page to Fenton] You wrong me, sir, thus still to haunt my house.
Per III.iii.19[Cleon to Pericles] the people's prayers still fall upon you
Per V.iii.54[Pericles to Thaisa, of her knowing the name of Helicanus] Still confirmation
R2 IV.i.192[Richard to Bolingbroke, of being willing to resign the crown] You may my glories and my state depose, / But not my griefs. Still am I king of those
R2 V.i.36[Richard to Queen Isabel, of himself] A king of beasts indeed! If aught but beasts / I had been still a happy king of men
TC I.iii.169[Ulysses to all] god Achilles still cries ‘Excellent!’
TC I.iii.383[Ulysses to all] go we under our opinion still / That we have better men
TC III.iii.185[Ulysses to Achilles] The cry went once on thee, / And still it might, and yet it may again
Tem II.i.182[Gonzalo to Antonio and Sebastian] so you may continue, and laugh at nothing still
Tem IV.i.185[Prospero to Ariel] Thy shape invisible retain thou still
TG III.i.279[Speed to Launce] your old vice still: mistake the word
Tim[Lucius to Sempronius, of Timon] This is the old man still
Tim IV.ii.18[Third Servant to other Servants] We are fellows still, / Serving alike in sorrow
Tim IV.iii.492[Flavius to Timon] entertain me as your steward still
Tit III.ii.30[Marcus to Titus] handle not the theme, to talk of hands, / Lest we remember still that we have none
TN III.iv.163[Fabian to Sir Andrew] Still you keep o' the windy side of the law
TNK I.i.226[First Queen to departed Theseus] Thus dost thou still make good the tongue o'th' world
WT IV.iv.627[Camillo to Autolycus, responding to ‘I am a poor fellow’] Why, be so still: here's nobody will steal that from thee

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