self (adj.) Old form(s): selfe
same, selfsame, identical, exact
3H6 III.i.11[First Keeper to Second Keeper] what befell me on a day / In this self place where now we mean to stand
AC V.i.21[Decretas to Caesar, of Antony] that self hand / Which writ his honour in the acts it did
CE V.i.10[Angelo to Second Merchant, of Antipholus of Syracuse] that self chain about his neck
Cym I.vii.122[Iachimo to Innogen] partnered / With tomboys hired with that self exhibition / Which your own coffers yield!
H5 I.i.1[Canterbury to Ely] That self bill is urged
KL I.i.69[Regan to Lear] I am made of that self mettle as my sister
KL IV.iii.34[disguised Kent to Gentleman, of Lear's daughters] one self mate and make could not beget / Such different issues
MV I.i.148[Bassanio to Antonio] if you please / To shoot another arrow that self way / Which you did shoot the first
R2 I.ii.23[Duchess of Gloucester to John of Gaunt] that self mould, that fashioned thee
Tit IV.ii.122[Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius, of the baby] sensibly fed / Of that self blood that first gave life to you