soft (int.)
[used as a command] not so fast, wait a moment, be quiet
1H4 I.iii.153[Hotspur to all] But soft, I pray you
1H4 II.i.37[First Carrier to Gadshill] Nay, by God, soft!
1H4 V.iii.32[Falstaff alone] Soft! Who are you?
1H4 V.iv.129.2[Lancaster to Prince Hal] But soft, whom have we here?
2H6 II.iv.15[Gloucester to Servant, of the Duchess] But soft, I think she comes
AC II.ii.87.2[Lepidus to Caesar] Soft, Caesar!
AYL III.ii.244[Celia to Rosalind, of Orlando] Soft, comes he not here?
CE II.ii.118[Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse] But, soft – who wafts us yonder?
CE III.i.30[Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Ephesus] But soft, my door is locked
CE III.ii.69.2[Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] O, soft, sir, hold you still
CE IV.i.19[Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Ephesus] But soft, I see the goldsmith
Cor I.i.48[First Citizen to all] Soft, who comes here?
Cym III.iv.80[Innogen to Pisanio] soft, soft! we'll no defence
Cym IV.ii.295[Innogen alone] But, soft! No bedfellow!
Cym IV.ii.353[Lucius to all] Soft ho, what trunk is here?
Cym IV.ii.70.2[CLoten to Guiderius] Soft, what are you / That fly me thus?
E3 I.ii.43[King David to Douglas] Nay, soft ye, sir
E3 II.i.185[King Edward to Lodowick, of the Countess] But soft, here comes the treasurer of my spirit
E3 III.i.38[King John to all] But soft, I hear the music of their drums
E3 III.iv.70[King Edward to all] But soft, methinks I hear / The dismal charge of trumpets' loud retreat
Ham I.i.126[Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus, of the Ghost] But soft, behold, lo where it comes again!
Ham I.v.58[Ghost to Hamlet] But soft, methinks I scent the morning air
Ham III.i.88[Hamlet alone] Soft you now, / The fair Ophelia!
Ham III.ii.399[Hamlet alone] Soft, now to my mother
Ham IV.ii.3[Hamlet alone] But soft, what noise? Who calls on Hamlet?
Ham IV.vii.153[King to Laertes] Soft, let me see
Ham V.i.213.1[Hamlet to Horatio] But soft, but soft awhile!
JC I.ii.249[Cassius to Casca] But, soft, I pray you
JC III.i.122[Brutus to all] Soft, who comes here?
LLL IV.iii.184.2[King to Berowne] Soft! Whither away so fast?
LLL V.ii.418[Berowne to all] Soft, let us see
MA V.i.196[Don Pedro to Claudio] But, soft you, let me be
MND IV.i.126.2[Theseus to all] But soft, what nymphs are these?
MV I.iii.55[Shylock to Bassanio] But soft, how many months / Do you desire?
MV IV.i.318[disguised Portia to all] Soft! The Jew shall have all justice
Oth V.i.22[Iago to Roderigo, of Cassio] But soft, I hear him coming
Oth V.ii.105[Othello to Emilia] Soft; by and by
Oth V.ii.334[Othello to all] Soft you; a word or two before you go
Per II.v.23[Simonides alone, of Pericles] Soft, here he comes
Per III.ii.58.2[Cerimon to all, of the coffin] Wrench it open. Soft!
PP.18.49But, soft, enough, too much I fear
R2 V.i.7[Queen Isabel to attendants] But soft, but see, or rather do not see, / My fair rose wither
R3 I.iii.338[Richard alone] But soft! Here come my executioners
R3 I.iv.161[First Murderer to Second Murderer, of Clarence] Soft! He wakes
R3 V.iii.179[King Richard alone] Soft! I did but dream
RJ I.i.195.2[Benvolio to Romeo] Soft! I will go along
RJ II.ii.2[Romeo to himself] But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
RJ III.iv.18.1[Capulet to Paris] But soft! what day is this?
RJ III.v.141[Capulet to Lady Capulet] Soft! Take me with you
TC V.iii.89[Cassandra to all] Farewell – yes, soft
TC V.iv.18[Thersites to himself] Soft! Here comes sleeve, and t' other
Tem I.ii.450.2[Prospero to Ferdinand] Soft, sir! One word more
Tim[Timon to all] Soft, take thy physic first
Tit IV.i.45[Titus to all, of Lavinia] Soft, so busily she turns the leaves
Tit IV.ii.51.1[Demetrius to Chiron and Aaron] Soft, who comes here?
Tit V.iii.115[Lucius to all] But soft, methinks I do digress too much
TN I.v.282[Olivia alone] Not too fast! soft, soft
TN II.v.137[Malvolio to himself] Soft! Here follows prose
TN II.v.91[Malvolio to himself] Soft! and the impressure her Lucrece
TS IV.iv.23[Pedant to Tranio]
TS IV.v.26[Petruchio to all] But, soft, company is coming here
WT IV.iv.388.2[disguised Polixenes to Florizel] Soft, swain, awhile, beseech you

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