stuff (n.) Old form(s): stuffe
substance, composition, quality, essence
AC V.ii.97[Cleopatra to Dolabella] Nature wants stuff / To vie strange forms with fancy
Cym I.i.23[First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Posthumus] I do not think / So fair an outward, and such stuff within / Endows a man, but he
Cym V.iv.49[Sicilius, to music, of Posthumus] Great nature, like his ancestry, / moulded the stuff so fair
Cym V.v.255[Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen] I ... did compound for her / A certain stuff
H8 I.i.58[Norfolk to Buckingham, of Wolsey's involvement in worldly events] There's in him stuff that puts him to these ends
H8 III.ii.137[King Henry to Wolsey] You are full of heavenly stuff
MV I.i.4[Antonio to Salerio and Solanio, of his sadness] What stuff 'tis made of
Oth I.ii.2[Iago to Othello] I hold it very stuff o'th' conscience / To do no contrived murder
Tem IV.i.156[Prospero to Ferdinand] We are such stuff / As dreams are made on
TS induction.2.137[Page as Sly's wife to Sly, of a comedy] it is more pleasing stuff [pun: 138]