save (v.) Old form(s): sau'd, saue
prevent, avoid, avert
1H4 V.iv.56[Prince Hal to King Henry, of leaving Douglas to kill the King] Which would have ... saved the treacherous labour of your son
3H6 V.iv.11[Queen to all] the ship splits on the rock, / Which industry and courage might have saved
Cym V.iii.27[Posthumus to Lord, of the youths' words about the Britons' cowardice] you ... may save / But to look back in frown [i.e. you may avoid this charge by turning to face the enemy fiercely]
TC III.iii.241[Achilles to Patroclus, of Thersites' arrival] A labour saved!
Tim I.i.256[Alcibiades to Timon] you have saved my longing [i.e. enabled me to avoid it]

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