spend (v.)
use up, wear out, exhaust, bring to an end
2H4 III.ii.117[Falstaff to Mouldy] it is time you were spent
Cym V.iii.81[Posthumus alone] On either side I come to spend my breath [i.e. die]
Cym V.iv.104[Jupiter to all, of Posthumus] his trials well are spent
Luc.1600[Collatine to Lucrece] what spite hath thy fair colour spent?
R3 I.iii.124[Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of King Edward] To royalize his blood I spent mine own [F; Q spilt]
RJ II.iv.130[Mercutio to Romeo, of Nurse] a hare ... in a lenten pie, that is something stale and hoar ere it be spent
RJ III.ii.130[Juliet to Nurse, of her tears] Mine shall be spent ... for Romeo's banishment
Sonn.105.11[]Fair, kind, and true, varying to other words, / And in this change is my invention spent, / Three themes in one
Sonn.107.14[] When tyrants' crests and tombs of brass are spent
Sonn.125.8[] Pitiful thrivers in their gazing spent
Tim III.v.22[Alcibiades to Senators, of his friend] He did behove his anger, ere 'twas spent