battery (n.) Old form(s): batterie , Batt'ry
assault, bombardment, blitz
1H6 I.iv.65[Salisbury to Gargrave and Glansdale] Let me have your express opinions / Where is best place to make our battery next
AC II.vii.107[Enobarbus to all] Make battery to our ears with the loud music
AC IV.xiv.39[Antony to Eros] The sevenfold shield of Ajax cannot keep / The battery from my heart
Cor V.iv.21[Menenius to Sicinius, of Coriolanus] his hum is a battery
Cym I.v.20[Iachimo to all, of Innogen] to fortify her judgement, which else an easy battery might lay flat
KJ II.i.446[Hubert to King John and King Philip, of Lewis the Dauphin and Blanche] This union shall do more than battery can / To our fast-closed gates

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