haply (adv.) Old form(s): haplie , Hap'ly, Haplye , happely , Happlie
perhaps, maybe, by chance, with luck
2H4 I.i.32[Lord Bardolph to Northumberland, of Travers] he is furnished with no certainties / More than he haply may retail from me
2H6 III.i.240[Suffolk to all, of Gloucester] The commons [will] haply rise to save his life
2H6 V.ii.79[Queen to King] if we haply 'scape ... / We shall to London get
3H6 II.v.58[Son to himself, of taking crowns from a dead man] that haply take them from him now
AC III.xiii.48[Thidias to Cleopatra, of the people in the room] So, haply, are they friends to Antony
AC IV.ii.26[Antony to his servants] Haply you shall not see me more
AW I.iii.230.1[Helena to Countess, of going to Paris] My lord your son made me to think of this. Else Paris ... / Had from the conversation of my thoughts / Haply been absent then
AW III.ii.76[First Lord to Countess, of Bertram] 'Tis but the boldness of his hand, haply, which his heart was not consenting to
AW III.iv.35[Countess to Steward, of Bertram and Helena] When haply he shall hear that she is gone, / He will return
AW IV.i.81[First Soldier to Parolles] Haply thou mayst inform / Something to save thy life
CE V.i.284[Egeon to Duke] Haply I see a friend will save my life
CE V.i.60.1[Abbess to Adriana, of chastising her husband] Haply in private
Cor V.ii.16[Menenius to First Watch, of Coriolanus] I have been / The book of his good acts whence men have read / His fame unparalleled, haply amplified
Cym III.iii.29[Guiderius to Belarius] Haply this life is best-- / If quiet life be best
Cym III.iv.149[Pisanio to Innogen] you should tread a course ... haply, near / The residence of Posthumus
Cym III.v.61[Queen alone, of Innogen] Where is she gone? Haply, despair hath seized her
Cym IV.i.19[Cloten alone, of Innogen] her father, who may--haply--be a little angry for my so rough usage
Cym V.v.314.1[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] I must / For mine own part unfold a dangerous speech, / Though haply well for you
E3 IV.iv.114[Prince Edward to Herald, of Philip's gift] Haply he cannot pray without the book
H5 IV.vii.168[King Henry to Warwick, of Fluellen] The glove which I have given him for a favour / May haply purchase him a box o'th' ear
H5 V.ii.93[Queen Isabel to King Henry] Haply a woman's voice may do some good
Ham III.i.172[Claudius to Polonius, of Hamlet] Haply the seas ... shall expel / This something-settled matter in his heart
Ham III.ii.186[First Player as King to his Queen] And thou shalt live in this fair world behind, / Honoured, beloved; and haply one as kind
Ham IV.i.40[Claudius to Gertrude] haply slander ... may miss our name
KL I.i.100[Cordelia to Lear] Haply when I shall wed, / That lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry / Half my love with him
Luc.8[of Tarquin] Haply the name of ‘chaste’ unhapp'ly set / This bateless edge on his keen appetite
Oth II.i.263[Iago to Roderigo, of Cassio] he's rash and very sudden in choler, and haply with his truncheon may strike at you
Oth III.iii.260[Othello alone] Haply, for I am black / And have not those soft parts of conversation / That chamberers have
Oth IV.ii.43[Desdemona to Othello] If haply you my father do suspect
R3 II.ii.137[Rivers to Richard, of their compact] it should be put / To no apparent likelihood of breach, / Which haply by much company might be urged
R3 III.v.59[Buckingham to Lord Mayor, of the people and Hastings] who haply may / Misconstrue us in him and wail his death
R3 III.vii.143[Richard to all] you might haply think
R3 IV.iv.273[Queen Elizabeth to Richard, of herself] haply she will weep.
RJ V.iii.165[Juliet to dead Romeo, of his lips] Haply some poison yet doth hang on them
Sonn.101.5[] Make answer, Muse: wilt thou not haply say, / Truth needs no colour
Sonn.29.10[]in these thoughts myself almost despising, / Haply I think on thee
Sonn.89.12Lest I ... haply of our old acquaintance tell
TG I.i.12[Proteus to Valentine] Think on thy Proteus, when thou haply seest / Some rare noteworthy object in thy travel
TG I.i.32[Valentine to Proteus] one fading moment's mirth, / With twenty, watchful, weary, tedious nights; / If haply won, perhaps a hapless gain
TG II.iv.11[Valentine to Thurio, of seeming sad] Haply I do
TG III.i.25[Duke to Proteus, of Valentine and Silvia] Haply when they have judged me fast asleep
TN I.ii.55[Viola to Captain] Conceal me what I am, and be my aid / For such disguise as haply shall become / The form of my intent
TN III.iii.45[Antonio to Sebastian] Haply your eye shall light upon some toy / You have desire to purchase
TN IV.ii.51[Malvolio to Feste as Sir Topas] the soul of our grandam might haply inhabit a bird
TNK I.ii.51[Palamon to Arcite] Why am I bound / By any generous bond to follow him / Follows his tailor, haply so long until / The followed make pursuit?
TS I.i.8[Lucentio to Tranio] Here let us breathe and haply institute / A course of learning and ingenious studies
TS I.ii.55[Petruchio to Hortensio] I have thrust myself into this maze, / Haply to wive and thrive as best I may
TS induction.1.134[Lord to all] Haply my presence / May well abate the over-merry spleen
TS V.ii.170[Katherina to Bianca and Widow] My mind hath been as big as one of yours, / My heart as great, my reason haply more
WT V.ii.20[First Gentleman to Autolycus] Here comes a gentleman that haply knows more