happy (adj.) Old form(s): happie
opportune, appropriate, propitious, favourable
1H4 V.iv.157[Prince Hal aside to Falstaff] if a lie may do thee grace, / I'll gild it with the happiest terms I have
1H6 II.i.11[Talbot to all] This happy night the Frenchmen are secure
2H4 IV.ii.79[Mowbray to Westmorland] You wish me health in very happy season, / For I am on the sudden something ill
3H6 I.ii.63[York to Mortimers] You are come to Sandal in a happy hour
Ham V.ii.199[Hamlet to Lord, of the impending arrival of the court] In happy time [i.e. it's a good moment]
JC II.ii.60[Caesar to Decius] you are come in very happy time / To bear my greeting to the senators
KJ V.i.63[King John to Bastard, of Cardinal Pandulph] I have made a happy peace with him
KL II.iii.2[Edgar alone] I heard myself proclaimed, / And by the happy hollow of a tree / Escaped the hunt
MA IV.i.279[Beatrice to Benedick] You have stayed me in a happy hour
R3 III.iv.6[Bishop of Ely to all, of the coronation] Tomorrow then I judge a happy day
RJ V.iii.169[Juliet to herself] O happy dagger!
TG II.iv.51[Valentine to Duke, of Verona] I will be thankful / To any happy messenger from thence [i.e. any bringer of good news]
Tit II.iii.23[Tamora to Aaron, of the prince and Dido] When with a happy storm they were surprised
TS induction.1.88[Lord to First Player] you are come to me in happy time

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