late (adv.)
recently, a little while ago / before
1H6 I.ii.3[Charles to all, of Mars] Late did he shine upon the English side
1H6 II.v.36[Richard to Mortimer, of himself] Your nephew, late despised Richard, comes
1H6 III.i.79[Mayor to all] The Bishop and the Duke of Gloucester's men, / Forbidden late to carry any weapon
1H6 III.ii.132[Talbot to Burgundy] The noble Duke of Bedford, late deceased
1H6 III.ii.82[Talbot to all] in this late betrayed town
3H6 II.v.93[Father to his dead son] thy father ... hath bereft thee of thy life too late!
3H6 III.iii.63[Warwick to Bona, of Edward] fame, late entering at his heedful ears
AW I.iii.102[Steward to Countess, of Helena] I was very late more near her than I think she wished me
AW II.iii.169[Bertram to King, of Helena] she, which late / Was in my nobler thoughts most base
Ham II.ii.505[First Player to all] Where late the diadem stood
KL I.iv.202[Gonerill to Lear] what yourself too late have spoke and done
KL II.ii.114[Oswald to Cornwall, of disguised Kent] It pleased the King his master very late / To strike at me
KL III.iv.161[Gloucester to disguised Kent, of Edgar] he sought my life / But lately, very late
KL III.vii.45[Cornwall to Gloucester] the traitors / Late footed in the kingdom
KL IV.v.24[Regan to Oswald, of Gonerill] at her late being here / She gave strange oeillades ... / To noble Edmund
Per IV.iv.15[Gower alone, of Escanes] whom Helicanus late / Advanced in time to great and high estate
R3 III.i.99[Prince Edward to York, of King Edward] Too late he died
RJ III.iv.24[Capulet to Paris] Tybalt being slain so late
RJ V.i.38[Romeo alone, of an apothecary] which late I noted / In tattered weeds
Tem V.i.113[Alonso to Prospero] Whe'er thou beest ... some enchanted trifle to abuse me, / As late I have been
Tim II.i.1[Senator alone, of his loans to Timon] And late five thousand
TNK IV.i.52[Wooer to Gaoler] As I late was angling [or = late in the day]
Ven.1026[of Venus] she hears a merry horn, / Whereat she leaps that was but late forlorn
Ven.748[Venus to Adonis] favour, savour, hue and qualities, / Whereat th'impartial gazer late did wonder

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