leisure (n.) Old form(s): leasure, leysure, leysures
opportunity, moment, available time
AW I.i.209[Parolles to Helena] When thou hast leisure, say thy prayers
CE V.i.376[Antipholus of Syracuse to Luciana] What I told you then / I hope I shall have leisure to make good
H8 III.ii.140[King Henry to Wolsey] You have scarce time / To steal from spiritual leisure a brief span / To keep your earthly audit
Ham V.ii.23[Hamlet to Horatio] no leisure bated
KJ II.i.58[Chatillon to King Philip, of strong winds] Whose leisure I have stayed
R3 V.iii.239[Richmond to all] More than I have said ... / The leisure and enforcement of the time / Forbids to dwell upon
R3 V.iii.98[Derby to Richmond] The leisure and the fearful time / Cuts off the ceremonious vows of love
Sonn.58.4[]... Being your vassal bound to stay your leisure
Tim II.ii.133.1[Flavius to Timon] At many leisures I proposed [incomplete sentence]
TS III.ii.216[Katherina to Baptista, of Petruchio] he shall stay my leisure [i.e. wait till I'm ready]
TS IV.iii.59[Petruchio to Katherina] The tailor stays thy leisure

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