lately (adv.) Old form(s): latelie
recently, of late
2H4 epilogue.8[Epilogue] I was lately here in the end of a displeasing play
AW I.i.28[Lafew to Countess, of de Narbon] The King very lately spoke of him admiringly
AW I.iii.213[Countess to Helena] Had you not lately an intent ... / To go to Paris?
AYL II.ii.14[Second Lord to Duke Frederick] the wrestler / That did but lately foil the sinewy Charles
KL III.iv.161[Gloucester to disguised Kent, of Edgar] he sought my life / But lately
Tem II.ii.35[Trinculo to himself, of Caliban] This is no fish, but an islander that hath lately suffered by a thunderbolt
Tit II.iii.248[Saturninus to Martius and Quintus] who art thou that lately didst descend / Into this gaping hollow
TN V.i.150[Olivia to Priest] lately we intended / To keep in darkness what occasion now / Reveals before 'tis ripe

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