amain (adv.) Old form(s): amaine, amayne
in all haste, at full speed
2H6 III.i.282[Post to all] from Ireland am I come amain
2H6 V.i.114[Queen to attendant] Call hither Clifford; bid him come amain
3H6 II.i.181[Warwick to all] To London will we march amain [not in F]
3H6 II.iii.56[George to all] make we hence amain
3H6 II.v.128[Queen to King] towards Berwick post amain
3H6 IV.viii.4[Warwick to all] Edward ... with his troops doth march amain to London
3H6 IV.viii.64[Richard to all] march amain towards Coventry
CE I.i.93[Egeon to Duke] Two ships from far, making amain to us
E3 III.i.78[Mariner to King John, of the English fleet] They plough the ocean hitherward amain
E3 IV.v.121[King John to Salisbury] to Calais spur amain
LLL V.ii.542[King to Berowne, of the pageant] The ship is under sail, and here she comes amain
Tem IV.i.74[Iris to Ceres, of Juno] Her peacocks fly amain
Tit IV.iv.65[Aemilius to Saturninus, of the Goths] bent to the spoil, / They hither march amain
Ven.5[of Adonis] Sick-thoughted Venus makes amain unto him