sense (n.) Old form(s): sence, sences
feeling, sensibility, capacity to feel
AW I.i.221[Helena alone] Impossible be strange attempts to those / That weigh their pains in sense [unclear meaning; also: common-sense]
Cym I.ii.49[Posthumus to Innogen, of his ring on her finger] remain thou here, / While sense can keep it on
Cym II.ii.32[Iachimo to himself, of Innogen] be her sense but as a monument
Cym III.iv.10[Innogen to Pisanio] Put thyself / Into a haviour of less fear, ere wildness / Vanquish my staider senses
H5 IV.i.228[King Henry alone, of being king] subject to the breath / Of every fool, whose sense no more can feel / But his own wringing!
Ham III.iv.162[Hamlet to Gertrude] That monster custom, who all sense doth eat
Ham III.iv.39[Hamlet to Gertrude, of her heart] it be proof and bulwark against sense
Ham V.i.70[Hamlet to Horatio] The hand of little employment hath the daintier sense
KL I.i.74[Regan to Lear] the most precious square of sense possesses
KL[Gloucester to disguised Edgar] how stiff is my vile sense
Mac[King to all] the air / Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself / Unto our gentle senses
MM II.ii.142[Angelo to himself, of what Isabella has said] 'tis / Such sense that my sense breeds with it [second instance]
Sonn.112.8[] None else to me, nor I to none alive, / That my steeled sense or changes right or wrong

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