smock (n.) Old form(s): Smocke, Smockes
woman's undergarment, shift, slip, chemise
1H6 I.ii.119[Alen??on to Reignier, of Charles and Pucelle] Doubtless he shrives this woman to her smock [i.e. through-and-through]
AC I.ii.169[Enobarbus to Antony] your old smock brings forth a new petticoat [i.e. one woman leads to another]
AW II.i.30[Bertram to Parolles] I shall stay here the forehorse to a smock [i.e. in a team of horses driven by a woman]
MA II.iii.134[Leonato to Claudio, of Beatrice during the night] there will she sit in her smock
MW III.v.82[Falstaff to Ford as Brook, of the buck-basket] Rammed me in with foul shirts and smocks
Oth V.ii.271[Othello to dead Desdemona] Pale as thy smock!
RJ II.iv.100[Mercutio to Romeo and Benvolio, of Peter and the Nurse] A shirt and a smock
TNK V.ii.82[Gaoler's Daughter to Wooer] I have nothing / But this poor petticoat and two coarse smocks