slip (n.) Old form(s): slippe, Slippes
seedling, sprig, shoot, cutting
2H6 II.ii.58[Warwick to York, of the succession] It ... flourishes in thee, / And in thy sons, fair slips of such a stock
2H6 III.ii.214[Suffolk to Warwick] noble stock / Was graft with crabtree slip
AW I.iii.141[Countess to Helena] choice breeds / A native slip to us from foreign seeds
Mac IV.i.27[Third Witch to Witches] slips of yew / Slivered in the moon's eclipse
MM III.i.145[Isabella to and of Claudio] a warped slip of wilderness
MV III.i.11[Solanio to Salerio, of his report] without any slips of prolixity [i.e. any outgrowths of long-windedness]
Tit V.i.9[First Goth to and of Lucius] Brave slip, sprung from the great Andronicus
WT IV.iv.100[Perdita to disguised Polixenes, of gillyvors] I'll not put / The dibble in earth to set one slip of them
WT IV.iv.85.1[Perdita to disguised Polixenes, of gillyvors] I care not / To get slips of them