beget (v.), past form begot
produce, engender, give rise to
3H6 II.v.91[Father to himself, of the war] What strategems ... / This deadly quarrel daily doth beget!
Cym V.iv.123[Posthumus alone, of his dream] Sleep, thou hast ... begot / A father to me
KL II.i.33[Edmund alone] Some blood drawn on me would beget opinion
LLL II.i.69[Rosaline to Princess, of Berowne] His eye begets occasion for his wit
MV III.ii.65[Song while Bassanio chooses a casket] Tell me where is fancy bred ... / How begot
R3 IV.iii.26[Tyrrel to King Richard] If to have done the thing you gave in charge / Beget your happiness, be happy
RJ I.iv.98[Mercutio to Romeo, of dreams] Begot of nothing but vain fantasy
Tem I.ii.94[Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio] my trust ... did beget of him / A falsehood in its contrary
TG III.i.97[Valentine to Duke] to beget more love in you
Tit II.iii.6[Aaron alone] this gold must coin a stratagem / Which ... will beget / A very excellent piece of villainy
Tit IV.iii.30[Publius to Marcus, of Titus] feed his humour kindly as we may, / Till time beget some careful remedy
TS I.i.45[Lucentio to Tranio] We could ... take a lodging fit to entertain / Such friends as time in Padua shall beget
WT V.i.132[Leontes to Florizel and Perdita] I lost a couple that 'twixt heaven and earth / Might thus have stood, begetting wonder