stay (v.) Old form(s): staid , staies
linger, tarry, delay
1H4 IV.ii.75[Westmorland to Falstaff] I fear we shall stay too long
1H4 IV.iii.29[Worcester to Hotspur] stay till all come in
2H4 II.iv.367[Bardolph to Falstaff] A dozen captains stay at door for you
2H6 III.ii.136[King to God] stay my thoughts ... that labour to persuade my soul / Some violent hands were laid on Humphrey's life
3H6 I.ii.48[York to all] But stay; what news?
3H6 I.iv.110[Queen to Clifford, of killing York] Nay, stay
3H6 I.iv.26[York alone] Here must I stay, and here my life must end
3H6 II.i.198[Warwick to all] Stay we no longer
3H6 II.v.135[Exeter to all] stay not to expostulate, make speed
3H6 III.i.12[Second Keeper to First Keeper, of the King] Here comes a man; let's stay till he be past
3H6 III.ii.58[Edward to Lady Grey] But stay thee
3H6 III.iii.251[Lewis to all] Why stay we now?
3H6 III.iii.40[Queen to Lewis] The more we stay, the stronger grows our foe
3H6 IV.i.5[George to Richard, of Edward's marriage] How could he stay till Warwick made return?
3H6 IV.vii.51[Edward to Montgomery] Nay, stay, Sir John, a while
AW V.iii.293[Diana to King] Stay, royal sir
AW V.iii.69[King to Bertram] here we'll stay / To see our widower's second marriage-day
CE III.ii.176[Angelo to Antipholus of Syracuse] The chain unfinished made me stay thus long
CE IV.i.87[Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Ephesus] there's a bark of Epidamnum / That stays but till her owner comes aboard
JC III.ii.150[Antony to all] Will you stay awhile?
LLL V.ii.824[Longaville to Maria, of waiting a year for her] I'll stay with patience, but the time is long
MM I.iv.86[Isabella to Lucio] I will about it straight, / No longer staying but to give the Mother / Notice of my affair
MV IV.i.239[Shylock to Portia as Balthasar] I stay here on my bond
Per V.iii.83[Pericles to Cerimon] we do our longing stay / To hear the rest untold [i.e. we are delaying our wish to hear the rest of the story]
RJ I.iii.105.2[Lady Capulet to Juliet, of Paris] the County stays
RJ II.v.20[Nurse to Peter] stay at the gate
RJ II.v.29[Nurse to Juliet] Can you not stay awhile?
TG III.i.366[Launce to Speed] thou hast stayed so long that going will scarce serve the turn
Tim V.iv.73[Alcibiades reading Timon's epitaph] pass, and stay not here thy gait
WT I.ii.9.2[Leontes to Polixenes] Stay your thanks a while