still (adj.)
silent, quiet
1H4 III.i.233[Lady Percy to Hotspur] be still
1H6 V.iv.175[Richard to the French] Hang up your ensigns, let your drums be still
2H6 I.i.246[York alone, to himself] be still awhile till time do serve
2H6 III.i.304[Queen to Somerset] sweet Somerset, be still
2H6 III.ii.207[Warwick to Queen] Madam, be still, with reverence may I say
2H6 V.ii.29[York to dead Clifford] Thus war hath given thee peace, for thou art still
3H6 II.ii.122[Clifford to King] the wound that bred this meeting here / Cannot be cured by words; therefore be still
CE III.ii.69.2[Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] O soft, sir, hold you still
CE IV.ii.17[Adriana to Luciana] I cannot nor I will not hold me still
E3 II.ii.180[Countess to King Edward] stand still, / And hear the choice that I will put thee to
Ham II.ii.482[Player to all] we often see, against some storm, / A silence in the heavens, the rack stand still, / The bold winds speechless
JC I.ii.14[Casca to all] Bid every noise be still
JC V.i.63.1[Antony to Cassius] Old Cassius, still!
JC V.v.50[Brutus to himself, as if to Caesar] now be still
LLL I.ii.175[Armado alone] be still, drum
LLL II.i.215[Boyet to Princess, of the King] By the heart's still rhetoric disclosed with eyes ... Navarre is infected
Oth V.ii.46.2[Othello to Desdemona] Peace, and be still!
Sonn.85.1[] My tongue-tied Muse in manners holds her still
WT V.iii.20[Paulina to all, of the statue of Hermione] prepare / To see the life as lively mocked as ever / Still sleep mocked death

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