betray (v.)
deceive, seduce, mislead
AC II.v.11[Cleopatra to Charmian, of the river] there ... I will betray / Tawny-finned fishes
Mac I.iii.124[Banquo to Macbeth] The instruments of darkness ... / Win us with honest trifles, to betray's / In deepest consequence
MW V.iii.20[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Falstaff] We'll betray him finely
Oth V.ii.6[Othello to himself, of Desdemona] she must die, else she'll betray more men
Tim IV.iii.148[Timon to Phrynia and Timandra, of men] Wear them, betray with them, whore still
Tit V.ii.147[Tamora to Titus, of her disguised self] Revenge now goes / To lay a complot to betray thy foes

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