repair (v.) Old form(s): repair , repaire , repayre
come, go, make one's way
3H6 IV.vii.15[Edward to Richard, of York city] hither will our friends repair to us
AC I.iv.39[Messenger to Caesar] to the ports / The discontents repair
Cor II.iii.148[Coriolanus to Sicinius] I'll ... / Repair to th'Senate House
Cor II.iii.253.1[Brutus to Plebeians] when you have drawn your number, / Repair to th'Capitol
Cor[Aufidius to Attendants, of the lords] Bid them repair to th'market-place
E3 I.i.62[Lorraine to King Edward] Repair to France within these forty days
Ham[Horatio reading Hamlet's letter to him] repair thou to me
JC I.iii.147[Cassius to Cinna] Repair to Pompey's Porch
KJ II.i.554[King John to messenger, of Constance] Some speedy messenger bid her repair / To our solemnity
LLL V.ii.292[Boyet to ladies, of the King and his friends] when they repair, / Blow like sweet roses in this summer air
MA I.i.254[Don Pedro to Benedick] repair to Leonato's
MND IV.i.66[Oberon to Puck] May all to Athens back again repair
Oth III.ii.4.1[Othello to Iago] I will be walking on the works: / Repair there to me
R2 II.i.216[King Richard to Bushy, of the Earl of Wiltshire] Bid him repair to us to Ely House
R2 II.iii.35[Percy to Northumberland] with directions to repair to Ravenspurgh
R3 I.ii.212[Richard to Anne] repair to Crosby House
R3 I.iii.344[Richard to Murderers] repair to Crosby Place
TG IV.ii.45[Musicians' song, of Silvia] Love doth to her eyes repair
Tim II.ii.28[Timon to Caphis] I prithee but repair to me next morning
Tim III.iv.69[Servilius to Servants] If I might beseech you, gentlemen, to repair some other hour
Tit V.ii.124[Titus to Marcus, of Lucius] Bid him repair to me
Tit V.iii.2[Lucius to Marcus, of Titus] 'tis my father's mind / That I repair to Rome
TNK IV.iii.89[Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter's companions] let them repair to her with Palamon in their mouths

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