reserve (v.) Old form(s): reseru'd , Reserue , reserues
preserve, retain, keep
Ham III.iv.76[Hamlet to Gertrude] Nor sense to ecstasy was ne'er so thralled / But it reserved some quantity of choice
KL I.i.149[Kent to Lear] Reserve thy state [F; Q reuerse thy doome]
KL III.iv.62[Fool to Lear, of Edgar as Poor Tom] he reserved a blanket
Oth III.iii.292[Emilia alone, of Desdemona's handkerchief] she reserves it evermore about her
Per IV.i.39[Dionyza to Marina] Reserve / That excellent complexion
R2 I.i.128[Mowbray to Bolingbroke] Three parts of that receipt I had for Calais ... / The other part reserved I by consent
R3 IV.iv.72[Queen Margaret to Duchess of York, of Richard] hell's black intelligencer; / Only reserved their factor to buy souls / And send them thither [i.e. only kept on earth as an agent of hell]
Sonn.32.7[of these lines] Reserve them for my love
Sonn.85.3[] comments of your praise, richly compiled, / Reserve their character with golden quill
Tim[Timon as if to the gods] reserve still to give, lest your deities be despised [i.e. keep something back for the future]
Tit I.i.168[Titus to and of Lavinia] Kind Rome, that hast thus lovingly reserved / The cordial of mine age to glad my heart