rest (v.)
remain, stay, stand
1H6 IV.i.121[Vernon to all, of Richard's gage] let it rest where it began at first
1H6 V.v.95[King to Suffolk] till you do return / I rest perplexed with a thousand cares
3H6 IV.ii.8[Warwick to George and Somerset] I hold it cowardice / To rest mistrustful where a noble heart / Hath pawned an open hand in sign of love
3H6 IV.viii.22[Warwick to all, of the King] My sovereign ... / Shall rest in London
AYL I.ii.275[Orlando to Le Beau] I rest much bounden to you
H8 V.i.55[Lovell to Gardiner] I rest your servant
Ham III.iii.64[Claudius alone] What rests? [i.e. what remains to be done?]
Mac[Lady Macbeth to King, of honours] For those of old ... / We rest your hermits
MW[Fenton to Host, of the plans to marry Anne] thus it rests [i.e. this is the situation]
MW[Fenton to Host, of his plan] here it rests [i.e. this is the point]
R3 III.i.157[Buckingham to Richard, of the Princes] let them rest [i.e. leave them be]

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