rate (v.)
reckon, estimate, appraise
2H4 I.iii.44[Lord Bardolph to Hastings, of building] when we see the figure of the house, / Then must we rate the cost of the erection
2H6 IV.i.30[Suffolk to Whitmore] Rate me at what thou wilt, thou shalt be paid
AW II.i.179[King to Helena] all that life can rate / Worth name of life in thee hath estimate
LLL V.ii.774[Princess to King, of the lords' favours] in our maiden counsel rated them / At courtship, pleasant jest, and courtesy
MV II.vii.26[Morocco to himself] If thou be'st rated by thy estimation
Tim I.i.172.2[Jeweller to Timon, of the jewel] 'tis rated / As those which sell would give
Tim II.ii.131[Timon to Flavius] I might so have rated my expense / As I had leave of means
TNK V.iii.114.1[Arcite to Emilia] as I do rate your value

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