remorse (n.)
pity, compassion, tenderness
2H6 IV.vii.98[Cade to himself, of Say] I feel remorse in myself with his words
E3 V.i.34[King Edward to Calais Citizens] for yourselves, look you for no remorse
JC II.i.19[Brutus alone] Th'abuse of greatness is when it disjoins / Remorse from power
KJ II.i.478[Queen Eleanor to King John, of zeal] now melted by the windy breath / Of soft petitions, pity, and remorse
KJ IV.iii.110[Salisbury to all, of Hubert's tearfulness] makes it seem / Like rivers of remorse and innocency
KJ IV.iii.50[Salisbury to Bastard, of finding Arthur's body] the vilest stroke, / That ever wall-eyed wrath or staring rage / Presented to the tears of soft remorse
Mac I.v.42[Lady Macbeth alone, as if to the spirits] Stop up the access and passage to remorse
MM II.ii.54[Isabella to Angelo] If so your heart were touched with that remorse
MM V.i.100[Isabella to Duke] My sisterly remorse confutes mine honour
MV IV.i.20[Duke to Shylock] Thou'lt show thy mercy and remorse more strange / Than is thy strange apparent cruelty
Oth III.iii.465[Iago to Othello, as if to the elements] to obey shall be in me remorse
R3 I.iv.109[Second Murderer to First Murderer] The urging of that word judgement hath bred a kind of remorse in me
R3 III.vii.210[Buckingham to Richard] we know your ... effeminate remorse
Tem V.i.76[Prospero to charmed Antonio] that entertained ambition, / Expelled remorse and nature
Tim IV.iii.123[Timon to Alcibiades, of a baby] mince it sans remorse
Ven.257[Venus to Adonis] ‘Pity,’ she cries, ‘some favour, some remorse!’